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Sarasota has long been known as Florida's "Cultural Coast," where artists, musicians, writers, and free thinkers have congregated in a close-knit community that celebrates art, life, and diversity. What many outsiders don't know is that Sarasota also has a very large and socially active LGBT community.


When it comes to choosing a city or even a neighborhood in which to purchase a home, a vibrant art scene, world-renowned beaches, and a friendly, walkable downtown are certainly appealing. However, a prime goal for anyone is to live in a safe, friendly, and accepting environment. What makes Sarasota so appealing to LGBT homebuyers is it offers just that.


“Sarasota is a place I'm proud to call my home,” says Shannon Fortner, lead

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If you are about to put your home on the market, there is one big question you will undoubtedly have to answer in the process: “Should I try to sell it myself or hire a Realtor?”


There are a lot of factors that can influence your decision to go “For Sale By Owner,” but regardless of what you decide, that decision should be an informed one. To that end, we've put together a pros and cons list for those considering selling their home without hiring an agent.





You won't have to pay a commission fee. Commission fees are generally negotiable and should be factored into your decision on a selling price. By selling the home yourself, you can pocket the full sale price of the home or lower the price by the commission

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If you are thinking about renting out either your primary residence or an investment property, we've put together a “Top Ten” list of important things to consider before putting your home up for rent. Keep in mind that state and local laws can change from place to place, so whether your property is in Sarasota, Florida or Seattle, Washington, you should do your homework. Also, if you plan to rent out a condo, check with your condo association regarding rules and policies regarding rentals; in some cases it may not be allowed.

1. Get proper insurance.
If you decide to rent a home that was either a primary residence or a vacation home, the insurance policy you currently have will no longer apply. Make sure you talk with your insurance agent and get the

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Florida is known the world over as a vacation destination, and Sarasota, with its beautiful beaches, culture, and tropical lifestyle is a prime hotspot in the state. Sarasota is also a great place to own vacation property. If you're considering buying a second home to use either as a vacation getaway or an investment property, you probably have a lot of questions regarding loans and taxes and how these change with the purpose of the home. To help you, here is a quick primer explaining the difference between the two, so you can make an educated decision before you buy.


Make sure it's legal

If there is even a chance you'll want to rent out the property you are about to purchase, make sure there are no policies, codes, or restrictions in place to

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