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Sarasota, Florida is a top tourist destination for people from all around the world, but for those coming from the United Kingdom, this artsy-yet-sophisticated beach town holds a special appeal. In a July 2012 article, Sarasota Magazine named the U.K. as the number-one origin of foreign tourists, with a total of 45,553 British visitors in 2011. So just what is it about Sarasota that is so attractive to those across the pond?

At first glance, comparing the warm Florida sunshine to a cold English rain might make this question seem a no-brainer, but the answer runs a lot deeper and has a lot to do with the large number of British expatriates who call Sarasota home. Not only do they tell their friends and family back home about the paradise they've

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You won't believe what Sarasota Property Finders has discovered. Nestled among million-dollar homes of the prized Sapphire Shores neighborhood, just a sunny walk away from the Ringling Museum of Art and sunset views at Bay Front Park, is a true hidden gem on Brywill Circle.

Take our word for it: Finding a home west of the Trail for under $500k is about as easy finding that pot of gold at the rainbow's end. This makes the 3 bed, 2 bath property a dream come true for the bargain-hunter. We love the flow of the newly-opened floorplan, the state-of-the-art kitchen, and especially the pool and cabana in the lush backyard. For more details about the property and all its charming features, please take a look at the online property listing. I can personally

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Have you recently considered upping the value of your home? You may not be looking to sell, but with the economy looking up, many homeowners are now investing in home improvements.

As a professional Realtor, however, I've seen my fair share of common home improvement mistakes. These mistakes can end up being very hard on your wallet. Not only do you lose money invested in the improvements, but sometimes they can actually decrease the value of a home. I caution anyone who lists a home with me about these approaches to remodeling:

We Can Do This Ourselves!
“I was watching this show on television, and you should have seen what they did to their kitchen! It was so drab and after only a couple of days it looked like a feature in a magazine! It was so

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Thinking about moving to the Sarasota area from out-of-state? Depending on where you're coming from (most likely a place with a cooler climate), you're probably more than a little concerned about how to deal with the Florida weather.


I can offer some great practical advice, as well as some Sarasota weather statistics that might surprise you. You might also find that when Sarasota residents talk about living in "paradise," they are not just referring to the beautiful beaches, friendly people, and the arts and culture, but the weather as well!


Florida summers: not as hot as you may think

Most full-time residents in Sarasota love summer. The beaches, restaurants, and roads aren't crowded; short afternoon thunderstorms keep their

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Have you ever thought about purchasing a vacation home for your winter getaways from Canada to Florida? Then, perhaps, you have tried only to find the requirements and qualifications to do so were too much of a hassle and just not worth it? Get ready for some good news: Recent policy changes will actually allow you to qualify as though you are a U.S. citizen, without jumping through all those previous hoops!

For quite a while, buying a second home in the United States has been difficult for Canadian citizens. Currently a handful of lenders, including Sunbelt Lending Services, are granting conventional mortgages in the States with requirements similar to those for a U.S. citizen. The qualifications and requirements vary from lender to lender, but

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