December 2015

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In finding the right home for someone often it’s easier to establish which ones aren’t right. I see it happen in brand new homes, luxury condominiums, and quaint vintage properties: Certain triggers make a house an immediate “no.” For some, it’s as simple as the way a house smells, and for others it’s just that the house doesn’t have that “certain something.”

For myself -- and I presume this holds true for my clients -- I know within a few minutes if the home is right for me or not. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “love at first sight,” as every home has its positives and negatives. However, because there are so many incredible homes in Sarasota, I find that a lot of people have to go through a gradual evaluation to narrow it down.

Whether it’s a

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Once you've found the perfect house, it's time to make it your own. To give your home that “lived-in” look in an incredibly unique way, you may want to consider something vintage or repurposed. Such are the joys of architectural salvage.

Sarasota is fortunate to have a few places to choose from, and since they're all roughly in the same block, they've created what I'm calling the Architectural Salvage District on 10th Street between Rosemary Court and Old Town. It started quite a few years ago, when Jesse White opened Sarasota Architectural Salvage with an assortment of reclaimed fixtures, lumber, signs, doors, and other odds and ends that made anyone who visited the shop say, “well, you don't see one of those every day” at least a few times.


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Perhaps it's the season that makes me nostalgic, but with Sarasota's rich architectural history, there are a number of vintage homes waiting for people to bring new life into them. At any spot along the economic spectrum, there's a great chance for someone who is looking for a new place to settle down in a home that has some history. I'd like to take you on a tour of just a few that are currently on the market.

Let's start with the 1936 bungalow at 3312 Bay Shore Road. The 960 square feet that comprise this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home may seem small, but considering the prized location in Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores, it has the potential for a really big life. Walking distance from Indian Beach, where people gather nightly to watch the sun set, this

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No matter your holiday traditions, there's something celebratory about this season. Even if you're just celebrating the nip in the air that comes with the onset of winter, there are plenty of ways to do it in Sarasota. One of the beautiful things about this season is the décor. Especially at some of our favorite destinations, twinkling lights are ablaze, and we all feel feel a bit like awestruck kids amid the spectacle.

Running throughout the month, Holly Days and Mangrove Lights at Historic Spanish Point features decorated homestead buildings and lighted gardens throughout the beautiful 30-acre park. Miniature white lights on the trees and in the mangroves lends a magical holiday ambiance, and musical performances by guitarist Pete Simms on

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