December 2016

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For many years, the Rosemary District in Sarasota has been a “through-point” for folks to enter or leave downtown, always featuring a few spots worth visiting, but struggling to reach that tipping point of becoming a strong, thriving community. But with exciting new construction, Rosemary’s “Rising” is now officially underway to become the freshest place to live, shop, and play in Downtown Sarasota.

By getting in on the action, buyers stand to gain both the significant perks of living in a newly built structure and all of the historic character and charm that this neighborhood has to offer. Rosemary boasts unbeatable access to award-winning downtown dining, shopping, and entertainment. Station 400, a reassembled 1852 historic railway station, is great for

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In the last century, Bird Key has proven to be one of the most incredible metamorphoses in Sarasota. In the early 1900's, Thomas Martin Worcester purchased the 12 acre island for $25 as a gift to his wife, Davie Lindsay Worcester, after she visited and fell in love with it. It took three years for him to build their dream home, New Edzell Castle, but, sadly, Mrs. Worcester died before it was finished.

In the 1920's, the island was purchased by John Ringling, who connected it to the mainland. Ringling had visions of it becoming President Harding's dream home, and even named the streets of nearby Lido Key after a number of his other favorite presidents. Unfortunately, President Harding passed away before ever making his home there.

In the late

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Admit it: gift shopping can be a downright chore as the holidays draw near. The harried hustle through generic department stores, the overworked store clerks, the mind-numbing florescent lights.

So why not turn this task into a journey to discover some of Sarasota’s neatest sweet spots of stuff, stories, and local flavor? Grab a shopping partner, head to Downtown Sarasota, and enjoy exploring these truly unique spots where you can not only cross each name off your list, but also enjoy meeting folks who have either made or sourced their wares. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know Sarasota a little better.

For a shopping experience that can also be a feast for your eyes, head over to the artist community of Towles Court. This quaint cluster of Old

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