October 2017

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While Florida got its name from being a "festival of flowers," many residents are more appreciative of its fruits and veggies. Due to its tropical climate and the growing "foodie" trend, Florida is a great place to grow food, and several people are opting to forgo the traditional lawns and landscaping for gardens and edible plants. With a wide variety of annual and perennial plants, edible landscaping can help residents create a beautiful, abundant, and tasty Florida yard.

Whether you want to help save the planet or save money on your grocery bill, growing your own food may be the way to go. Commercial gardens use up to two to three times the amount of water as a home or community garden, and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, every

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Since Sarasota Magazine named Paver Park as one of its "Next Great Sarasota Neighborhoods," people have been realizing how much the neighborhood now commonly referred to as the "west of Tuttle" district has to offer. Paver Park was initially developed in the 1950's by Martin Paver, whose development motto was "build better than the building codes require and create a place where you would like to live and raise a family." Paver's vision has stood the test of time, as today the neighborhood features a wide diversity of families and housing options. Within walking distance to Downtown Sarasota and Payne Park, some of the original homes in the Ringling/Paver Park area have been restored to their original charm, while others have been razed for modern, energy

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