A Game of Matchmaker with the Local Keys

Posted by Julian Yates on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at 7:06pm.

Not all island living is created equally. If you're looking to find somewhere to nest on one of the keys around Sarasota, it's important that you understand each island's unique personality. So, imagine for a moment that you're at one of those speed dating things. Every five minutes another island comes and sits across from you, wanting to take you home.

First up, Anna Maria is really cute. She's got an incredibly charming personality and a lot of creative flair. She says she's into sandy toes and keeping things nice and natural. She doesn't seem like the kind to put on airs, and she's not big into mainstream chains and such. She likes the small-town vibe and wants to keep it that way.

Next, Longboat Key gracefully glides into the chair, taking great care not to muss her well-manicured lawns or world-class golf and tennis clubs. She bats her luxurious eyelashes and teases you with her exclusive-access beaches. Before she moves on, she stretches to reveal her high-rise condominiums and invites you to come for a visit sometime.

Lido, St. Armands, and Bird squeeze in together, saying they really can't wait to go shopping with their friends downtown. They all say that they love good food and welcoming tourists, but you see quickly that Bird Key is a little more selective of her company than her girlfriends. But they all agree that they love art galleries and getting in touch with nature.

When Siesta Key moves in behind them, she gives you a fist bump and offers you a daiquiri. She says she loves good music and an active lifestyle -- her favorite things to do are kayaking, fishing, and dancing. But she also has her mellow side and giggles at Longboat's long rows of condos, confident that she offers quality over quantity.

Before Casey sits down, she gives you a hug and welcomes you to the neighborhood. You can sense her unique vibe in how different her Nokomis Beach drum circle is from her sister Siesta's. She's more modest than her sisters, and doesn't go in for bling like condos and resorts. She just likes living easy and hanging out with her neighbors.

Manasota Key doesn't have much to say. She's very reserved, and prefers to just stare tranquilly out at the water. She looks really familiar, though, and you could swear that you've seen her in the movies -- but she's not revealing any secrets, and seems really ready for this little game to over so she can get back to her peaceful retreat.

Venice moves a little more slowly than the others, but she's happy to be at a point in her life where she can relax and savor it all. She's not real glitzy but she does have class, and enjoys the theater and getting involved in her community. As she gets up from her seat, she says that it was so nice to meet you and invites you to join her for a glass of iced tea sometime soon.

At the end of the process, which of the Keys would you like to see again? It could be there's soulmate potential. If you're ready to see where this relationship could go, contact Julian to plan your next date.


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