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There are many logical reasons to downsize, and this has become one of the biggest trends across the country. Whether you find that you are an “empty nest” or just want to simplify your life, downsizing can be emotional but also quite cathartic. 

One of the great things about living in the Sarasota area is that there are an incredible amount of choices and options available that include making life more enjoyable. That property that was so large and attractive when first purchased can become a bit of a chore when other interests take priority. Facing the concept of downsizing means that you will have to get rid of or give away some of the things that you have collected. This is actually easier than it sounds, but it takes setting your mind to it

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645-647 Madison Ct

Like any area of business, real estate experiences its peaks and valleys. Therefore, it's a good idea for people looking either to buy or sell to become familiar with its seasonal trends. Since Florida seems to stand apart from other states in so many ways, our season is a little different, offering unique opportunities for buyers and sellers.

Throughout the country, the winter months of December and January are pretty slow in the housing market. The holidays keep people busy and bank accounts somewhat limited, and most folks aren't prone to exploring open houses when it's cold outside. 

But Florida isn't like most of the country. With the mild winters here, people start house hunting after the holidays. According to Trulia, search traffic for

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One of the greatest places to live in Sarasota is Downtown. With new condominiums on the rise and some of our classics just as popular as when they first opened, I wanted to feature what is currently available for those who want great views within walking distance to restaurants, shops, theatres, and everything else Downtown Sarasota has to offer.

1990 Main St. #15, Sarasota
Modern two story Penthouse condo on the 9th Floor of Cityscape at Courthouse Centre, right in the heart of downtown Sarasota. This beautifully renovated condo has 20-foot ceilings with floor to ceiling windows along with a balcony to enjoy with city views. Walk out your front door and you are at the foot of the shopping, bars, restaurants, and all the entertainment main

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If you’d like to enjoy all that Sarasota has to offer, little can compare with the benefits of downtown living. This choice is especially attractive in a city that has grown by leaps and bounds in density, yet managed to maintain its uniquely breezy, relaxed small town character, all while nurturing a quality of world-class entertainment, dining, and other amenities usually found in a large metropolis. 

Living in Downtown Sarasota primely places you within walking distance from entertainment any night of the week, from a number of weekly locally-organized music events or spots like McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre, to the art-deco themed Hollywood 20 movie theater and the Sarasota Opera House, which was recently ranked Sarasota’s 2nd most popular

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Every now and then in the world of real estate, several potential home buyers will come across the very same "perfect house” at the same time. The result is what is commonly known as a bidding war. If you happen to find yourself engaged in competition with another potential buyer over your perfect house, this is how you can increase your odds of winning the bidding war.

1. Get your money in order. Everybody knows that money talks. However, many forget how well cash sings. The more you can put down in the beginning, the better off you're probably going to be. If you do need to get a mortgage, work out as many of the particulars as you can by getting pre-qualified and show the buyer you're ready to move forward.

2. Make the first offer matter. There

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Forbes Magazine named 2015 the "Year of the Millennial Customer," claiming, “millennials are not only the largest generation in U.S. and world history, they’re on the cusp of commanding the largest wallet power as well. It’s estimated they’ll be spending $200 billion annually by 2017 and $10 trillion over their lifetimes as consumers, in the U.S. alone.” Forbes prizes this generation so much that they named 2016 the Year of the Millennial Customer as well.  

And why shouldn't they? According to a March 2015 report from the National Association of Realtors, millennials represent 32% of the real estate market, and the 2015 TD Bank Mortgage Service Index reports that, within the next year, 50% of millennials will say they are either “extremely” or

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