Downsizing to a More Intimate Home

Posted by Julian Yates on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 8:43am.

There are many logical reasons to downsize, and this has become one of the biggest trends across the country. Whether you find that you are an “empty nest” or just want to simplify your life, downsizing can be emotional but also quite cathartic. 

One of the great things about living in the Sarasota area is that there are an incredible amount of choices and options available that include making life more enjoyable. That property that was so large and attractive when first purchased can become a bit of a chore when other interests take priority. Facing the concept of downsizing means that you will have to get rid of or give away some of the things that you have collected. This is actually easier than it sounds, but it takes setting your mind to it and “letting go.” 

Take Your Time

Downsizing doesn’t mean that you have to attack your house and complete the process in a month. That is a stress that you don’t need. Instead, choose a little every weekend or during free times in the week. Start in some of the smaller rooms, such as the pantry area or linen closet. Get containers that you can devote to “separating” so that you will have some to give to loved ones and some to donate. 

Gradually work your way into the bigger rooms and examine whether you need these things that are cluttering up your life. Holiday items may have a close emotional bond but only keep the ones that mean something. Giving so that someone else can enjoy as much as you have it is often a freeing experience.  Talk to family members to let them know that you want to share some of the more favored pieces with them. You might be surprised that this is an honor that they will welcome. 

Garage or yard sales are not for the faint of heart. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it can be a crushing experience to organize. Look to see if there is a community sale that many participate in as a group. These are a bit less stressful, and with others around, you can have more fun. 

Choosing your next home adventure

If you have tired of the big house concept, worrying about making sure the yard and lawn are kept up, or the pool is maintained, you might want to think about a condominium or possibly a smaller townhouse.  Both can be an exceptional choice, giving you more free time and less stress. 

Sometimes we don’t know what we want, so a good idea is to take a tour through some of the area’s selections. If there is one thing for sure, we quickly find out what we don’t want and when you see what attracts you, you will know it. 

Remember that you will be getting rid of some of the larger furniture that just doesn’t fit in your new lifestyle. While we might think that we are attached to some of our possessions, they take up space and care that we need to consider. Slimming things down and reducing is the name of the game.  

A discovery that becomes quite apparent is that once you begin to downsize, you will start enjoying it. Entering into a new realm of life that carries fewer anxieties is an incredible process. You are about to realize that this is part of the “new you” – so enjoy and revel in it.


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