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Posted by Julian Yates on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 at 10:43am.

Previously an area that many people overlooked, Arlington Park is now gaining in popularity. Most of the area was still orange groves and farmland when homes were first built in the area in the 1920's. Though it saw some continued development through the next few decades as Florida worked through the Great Depression, Arlington Park saw its next great explosion in the 1950's and 1960's, which account for many of the homes that comprise the neighborhood.  

Much of what people find so charming about Arlington Park are the bungalows and cottages built during this era, now refurbished and renovated. However, increasing its charm are the ranch-style homes that have been built in the meantime and the modern homes that have been more recently added. While many of the older homes are quite simple and without the modern flourishes of open kitchens and walk-in closets, the newer homes are still maintaining much of the old growth feel and fitting right in with the neighborhood's legacy homes.

Often referred to as “east of the Trail,” Arlington Park is bordered by US 41 to the west and Tuttle Avenue to the east. Bahia Vista borders the north, and the southern boundary runs primarily along Webber Street, maneuvering with Hibiscus Court and Wisteria Street and Place as it turns into Southgate. Named by WalkScore.com as the seventh most walkable neighborhood in Sarasota, Arlington Park is in a fantastic location within walking distance of the hospital and only two miles from Downtown Sarasota.

Due to its proximity to the Mennonite community along Bahia Vista, a number of Mennonite families live in the northeast corner. The rest of the community is becoming more diverse, ranging from retirees to working families with children, as people are rediscovering this neighborhood and the amenities it offers.

Most notable is the public park for which the neighborhood is named. First opened in 1979, the park has seen much expansion over the years. Called “Magic Park” initially, the 23-acre facility now includes an indoor gym with weight room, a 50-meter lap pool, a kiddie pool, basketball and tennis courts, as well as an outdoor racquetball court. Arlington Park now also offers one of the nearest dog parks to Downtown Sarasota, having repurposed a baseball field into to fenced sections for both large and small dogs. With five different access points, the park offers residents a half mile walking loop which was selected as one of the key South Florida locations along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

Arlington Park's location along Tamiami Trail gives it plenty of access to shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores, and it is only minutes away from Downtown Sarasota, Lido and Siesta beaches, and several other Sarasota amenities. You will also find many vintage homes in Arlington Park, and our listing of vintage and historic homes can help in your search for that perfect home. Check out the current listings and see what Arlington Park has to offer you.


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