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In the last century, Bird Key has proven to be one of the most incredible metamorphoses in Sarasota. In the early 1900's, Thomas Martin Worcester purchased the 12 acre island for $25 as a gift to his wife, Davie Lindsay Worcester, after she visited and fell in love with it. It took three years for him to build their dream home, New Edzell Castle, but, sadly, Mrs. Worcester died before it was finished.

In the 1920's, the island was purchased by John Ringling, who connected it to the mainland. Ringling had visions of it becoming President Harding's dream home, and even named the streets of nearby Lido Key after a number of his other favorite presidents. Unfortunately, President Harding passed away before ever making his home there.

In the late

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Though I've written before that Laurel Park is the most charming neighborhood in Sarasota, over the last several years, Gillespie Park has really come into its own and may be giving Laurel a run for its money. A few decades ago, it wasn't the best of neighborhoods and most people didn't feel safe walking through it after dark. However, many of the original homes built in the 1920s have been restored, new homes have been built, yet affordable rental housing is still available, making Gillespie Park the most economically diverse and eclectic neighborhood in Downtown Sarasota, if not the entire county.

The neighborhood is named for John Gillespie, the Scottish immigrant who became Sarasota's first mayor and built the first golf course in the United

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When John Hamilton Gillespie brought the spirit of Scotland to Sarasota and established one of the first (if not the first) golf courses in America, he shaped Sarasota's future. It's that rich cultural heritage that is honored at The Founders Club, and for those who love the game of golf, the 700 acres of century-old oak trees, beautiful lakes, swaying pines, and luxury homes make up one of the most wonderful places on earth. Considering that the community only holds 262 homes and offers just 275 golf course memberships, The Founders Club is also one of the most coveted places to live, and its golf membership commands the third-highest price in Sarasota.

Located east of Interstate 75 on Fruitville Road, the 18-hole golf course was designed by

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When it comes to soaking up a Sarasota lifestyle, the Southgate community is a great option for getting right in the middle of things. Located in central Sarasota just east of U.S.-41, Southgate covers just over two square miles, bordered by Bee Ridge Road to the south, Beneva Road to the east, and Arlington Park to the north. Initially developed in the 1960s, Southgate has expanded greatly from there, featuring easy access to downtown and a plethora of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

The homes in Southgate are largely one-story, as was the trend in the sixties. Many of the homeowners are enhancing the neighborhood's “retro” vibe, making the most of the architecture to create a suburban-chic feel while maintaining its family-friendly

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One of the more interesting Sarasota communities to have watched over the years is the Rosemary District. Neighbors with Gillespie Park, Rosemary has long shown the promise of expanding downtown living to the area north of Fruitville, and it's experienced a number of surges in popularity and controversy in the process. Yet, today, Rosemary seems to be on the rise again.

Early on in Sarasota history, the area prospered from the African-American community and was named Overtown in the '20s. As the properties became more valuable during the real estate boom, the community developed, and the African-American community migrated further north to Newtown. In 1994, the area was renamed the Rosemary District in honor of the Rosemary Cemetery, which was

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