Five Reasons to Buy a Vintage Home

Posted by Julian Yates on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 6:08pm.

One of my favorite parts of the job at Sarasota Property Finders is showing homes. You might think that ought to be a given for a Realtor. To be honest, for many of my colleagues their passion for real estate lies elsewhere in the profession -- but for me, when I get to take a client to see a home for the first time, it makes my day.

What really makes for a perfect day at work is when I show a vintage home. A certain lack of esteem for any structure over 50 years old seems to pervade the state of Florida, so these precious old houses can be few and far between. Fortunately for us in Sarasota, there are many historic neighborhoods where beautiful vintage homes for sale can be discovered.

I’ve had clients hesitate when I suggest a historical home for viewing. I understand the reservations. Will it be hard to maintain? Will such an old structure hold up under extreme weather conditions? Will it be leaky, drafty, or creaky? Will I eventually have to replace every part of the house?

These are all valid concerns, but think of it this way: If these homes weren’t made to stand the test of time, they couldn’t be called historic properties, and they wouldn't on the market today. Once you understand this simple fact and allow yourself to give historical properties a closer look, you begin to discover all kinds of reasons a vintage house can make for a uniquely perfect home.

  1. Charismatic Living. “They don’t make them like this anymore.” Nowhere is that statement more fitting than when you stand inside a fine vintage home. Many historic houses resemble works of art, one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted with vision and style. Take, for example, a home (pictured above) at 662 Calle de Peru in Siesta Key Village. Built in 1960 in the renowned style of the Sarasota School of Architecture, the house marries elements of the indoors and outdoors with glass paneling, vaulted ceilings, skylights and an airy, open floor plan. It’s truly one of Sarasota’s "coolest" residences -- but it’s just one!
  2. Enjoying the Scenery. As these homes mature, so does the landscape. Many of my favorite vintage properties in Sarasota are shaded by mossy oaks or tucked into serene old groves. There’s also the notion of “first come, first served.” The first builders in Sarasota knew how to pick a priceless view, and you’ll find that many vintage homes boast incredible waterfront vistas. The natural beauty of historic properties is unparalleled.
  3. Great Neighborhoods. Particularly for the buyer of a historical home in Sarasota, a charming neighborhood literally comes with the territory. Areas such as downtown’s Laurel Park and Historic Burns Court hold a bright array of vintage houses that are just a stroll away from Sarasota’s top restaurants, galleries and boutiques. As you wander farther away from the city center, you find vintage homes alongside cultural destinations such as the Ringling Museum and the Asolo Repertory Theatre, or hidden among the palms in quaint beachside villages. The good life is always waiting just beyond the front door.
  4. Never a Dull Moment. Thanks to several major shifts in popular architecture over the decades, Sarasota’s vintage homes offer wonderful stylistic diversity. Take a look at Sarasota Property Finders’ vintage listings, and you’ll find vintage homes ranging from simple to opulent, from classic to exotic, from cozy bungalow to palatial Mediterranean villa. You may be surprised to discover that historic properties accommodate a variety of lifestyles as well, with prices spanning from approximately $100K to upwards of $10 million.
  5. A Place with Meaning. My job as a real estate agent is to tell a house’s story, and vintage homes make that all too easy (not to mention fascinating). Each property has its place in local history and each home has real “soul.” When you go to a showing, you don’t just see a vintage home -- you meet one.

To see more of the beauty and charm of local vintage homes, I invite you to visit Sarasota Property Finders’ full listing of historic and vintage properties. If you’d like to “meet” a vintage home in the Sarasota area, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarasota Property Finders today.


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