How Do You Know a Home Is "The One"?

Posted by Julian Yates on Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 at 3:30pm.

In finding the right home for someone often it’s easier to establish which ones aren’t right. I see it happen in brand new homes, luxury condominiums, and quaint vintage properties: Certain triggers make a house an immediate “no.” For some, it’s as simple as the way a house smells, and for others it’s just that the house doesn’t have that “certain something.”

For myself -- and I presume this holds true for my clients -- I know within a few minutes if the home is right for me or not. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “love at first sight,” as every home has its positives and negatives. However, because there are so many incredible homes in Sarasota, I find that a lot of people have to go through a gradual evaluation to narrow it down.

Whether it’s a modest cottage or a multimillion-dollar estate, buying a home is a big deal, and there are so many things to consider when you’re trying to find just the right one. Generally, I think it’s important to know in advance what you really need, and go through that checklist to ensure your new home contains all of those factors.

Obviously, location is important, and when I’m showing homes, the wrong location is often one of the first triggers to “no.” Beyond that, everybody has different criteria for what’s really important to them.

While the “no” moment is usually quite apparent, what’s fun for me is to see the “yes” happen. For instance, when a gourmet chef gets that glazed-over look when he sees the right kitchen, I can almost smell the food cooking. Sometimes, I’ll get someone who will try out the whirlpool bathtub in the master suite, and even without the water, I can tell that they’ve found a magical place to relax.

For those who entertain, it’s entertaining for me to watch them plan out their parties before they even move in, deciding where they’ll set up the food and the bar, even starting to discuss the lighting and whether they should have a DJ or a band. Sometimes, the exterior of the house is as much a deciding factor as the inside, especially when the backyard becomes the ultimate oasis and people start to imagine what they’ll grow in their gardens or how they’ll situate the lanai.

Ultimately, helping people find their perfect home is the best part of my job, and I will say that I am tireless in showing homes to people in order to help them get where they need to be. Though everyone has their own method for discovering what’s perfect for them, it’s always a joy when they let me know they’ve found it.

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