Not Just Your Dream House: 7 Features the Kids Are Looking For

Posted by Julian Yates on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 4:39pm.

The well-informed homebuyer has a list of things that are important to them. As adults, we think about functionality, cost, location, amenities, and a myriad of other factors that kids couldn’t care less about. To get them on board with the purchase of your new home, and to avoid unnecessary fussing and complaining, it’s a good idea to know what your kids want in a house. 

  1. High Velocity Mobility – One of the questions going through your child’s mind is, “How far can I run at full speed before running into something?” Fortunately, they don’t need actual dimensions, since testing those limits is most of the fun. However, they’re going to be looking for space to frolic. 
  1. Hiding Places – Children love the fact that they can fit into places where grown-ups can’t, so they’re always on the lookout for hideouts. Places to hide are not only good for games of “hide and seek,” but are also very helpful when they’re on the verge of getting in trouble. We suggest you find these places before they do.
  1. Bright Colors – Even if the exterior of the home is done in light colors and earth-tones, kids like things bright, and they’re going to want some color in their rooms. Making them a part of picking out the palette will go a long way toward making it feel like it’s their home.
  1. Treetop Real Estate – Most kids are going to be eyeing the trees for places to build a fort. They’re probably stoked to have their own room, but a treehouse is an all new ballgame. It’s also one of the few places that they can go to look down on you. 
  1. Peer Population – One of the other questions your kids are going to ask is, “Where are the other kids?” Children are generally more social than adults, and grown-ups are boring, so your kids will to want to make sure they have people their age to play with.
  1. Toy Storage – Your kids are going to want plenty of room for their toys. Not that they’ll ever put them away, but it’s important that they have the option.
  1. Snack Accessibility – Kids need a fridge that holds plenty of snacks and an oven that bakes plenty of cookies. Beyond that, as long as you don’t make anything “yucky,” they’re generally pretty grateful for a place to have a nice meal every now and then as well.

If you really want to move into your dream home, keep these pointers in mind to keep your kids from turning it into a nightmare.

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