Real Estate for the Savvy Snowbird

Posted by Julian Yates on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 at 8:44am.

Making the decision to be a snowbird is really a “no-brainer.” However, making the selection of your snowbird home can be a bit daunting. If you are at the point of saying that your time has come to make this move, you will want to know a few things so that your choices, prices, and options are the best for picking your winter home. This idea is especially true in the Sarasota area, where snowbird homes and vacation properties are some of the most popular. 

Know the Buying Season

Almost all real estate agents in the sun states are aware that there is an influx of snowbird buyers from April through October. Although this is the time when more properties are placed on the market, it’s also the time when prices could be a bit higher. There is a dichotomy in this as you will have the very best choices of condominiums, townhouses, and Bayfront/Waterfront properties, but if you are looking to be a bit more price-conscious, it may not be the best time to buy. 

Focus On Your Interests

Looking for your second home needs to rely on what you enjoy and what you want to enjoy while living there, while also expanding your horizons. Some of the most critical can be your love of fine dining, golfing, fishing, boating, the music scene, and even entertaining in your winter place. It also means having lower maintenance so that you can have the fun that you want.

If you are working with an agent, let them know what you do in your free time and what some of your future interests are. If you have had a dream of expanding on your love of the arts, you will want to be near downtown Sarasota. However, if you like being close to what’s happening, look to St Armands Circle!

New, Vintage, or Villas

Unlike many areas, Sarasota offers an incredible list of choices that can match your taste. This concept goes beyond just choosing small, medium, or large properties and enters into the option of what matches your personality.

Some want a completely new home that brings the peace of mind that everything is up to date and stress-free. This style offers everything that you are looking for during the balmy winter months that you will be here.

Others prefer unique and well-established vintage homes. These offer architecture styles that run from post-Civil War to the end of World War II and carry with them the reassurance that no one will have a home like yours.

A newer trend that has been picking up steam has been for snowbirds to choose villas. These bring the benefits that you are looking for and are attractive for all generations of buyers. 

Make Contact Early

Whether you are just beginning the journey of choosing a winter home in Sarasota, or have been looking for a while, it’s important to make contact with an agent early on. Be sure that he or she keeps your interest at heart while also communicating with you on some of the latest offerings. Be upfront with your status so that your agent understands where you are in your selection process and have included a list of absolute requirements.


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