Remodeling: When the Garage Should Stay a Garage

Posted by Julian Yates on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 at 1:03pm.

Have you recently considered upping the value of your home? You may not be looking to sell, but with the economy looking up, many homeowners are now investing in home improvements.

As a professional Realtor, however, I've seen my fair share of common home improvement mistakes. These mistakes can end up being very hard on your wallet. Not only do you lose money invested in the improvements, but sometimes they can actually decrease the value of a home. I caution anyone who lists a home with me about these approaches to remodeling:

We Can Do This Ourselves!
“I was watching this show on television, and you should have seen what they did to their kitchen! It was so drab and after only a couple of days it looked like a feature in a magazine! It was so simple! I'm going to the home improvement store right now!”

More than a few of us are addicted to those DIY home improvement shows that make a flip look super fun, easy and cost-effective. Remember -- it's television, and television shows are designed first to entertain.

Too many people who try DIY projects, especially advanced ones such as a kitchen or bath renovation, end up with a disaster on their hands. The burn hole in the wallet only grows in the likely event you have to hire an experienced professional to fix the mess!

If you want to DIY, stick with simple improvements that are within the scope of your abilities. It's equally easy and profitable to change out hardware or put a fresh coat of paint on the walls; more advanced projects should be left to the experienced professionals.

It's the Latest Trend! 
“What a great idea! The garage was turned into a man cave! ... But now there's no covered parking."

Often many homeowners like to make improvements that reflect "the latest thing." Just as in fashion, however, home trends come and go. 

One trend in particular that's firing up the imaginations of remodelers is the garage-to-living-area conversion. It isn't a very costly or time-consuming project, but subtracting covered parking from a home is an ill-advised move. At the end of the day, a place to safely park a vehicle adds more value to a home than adding on a den or a rumpus room. The opportunity to get creative is one of the highlights of remodeling -- but sometimes a garage is a garage, and should stay that way.

What about changes that will actually increase the value of your home? Ask a real estate professional! Contact Julian with your questions via the Sarasota Property Finders Contact Page.


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