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For many years, the Rosemary District in Sarasota has been a “through-point” for folks to enter or leave downtown, always featuring a few spots worth visiting, but struggling to reach that tipping point of becoming a strong, thriving community. But with exciting new construction, Rosemary’s “Rising” is now officially underway to become the freshest place to live, shop, and play in Downtown Sarasota.

By getting in on the action, buyers stand to gain both the significant perks of living in a newly built structure and all of the historic character and charm that this neighborhood has to offer. Rosemary boasts unbeatable access to award-winning downtown dining, shopping, and entertainment. Station 400, a reassembled 1852 historic railway station, is great for

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One of the more interesting Sarasota communities to have watched over the years is the Rosemary District. Neighbors with Gillespie Park, Rosemary has long shown the promise of expanding downtown living to the area north of Fruitville, and it's experienced a number of surges in popularity and controversy in the process. Yet, today, Rosemary seems to be on the rise again.

Early on in Sarasota history, the area prospered from the African-American community and was named Overtown in the '20s. As the properties became more valuable during the real estate boom, the community developed, and the African-American community migrated further north to Newtown. In 1994, the area was renamed the Rosemary District in honor of the Rosemary Cemetery, which was

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