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Sarasota's malls feature plenty of places for indoor shopping, dining, and entertainment.

As the months get warmer in Florida, several residents are quite thankful for the respite of air-conditioned shopping. Yet the malls in Sarasota aren't just for shopping. Featuring a variety of restaurants and eateries, as well as entertainment venues, Sarasota malls have a little something for everyone.

Our oldest mall is Westfield Sarasota Square. First built in 1977, Sarasota Square received a 7-million-dollar facelift in 1986, followed quickly by another 15-million-dollar expansion. The mall saw more major renovations when Westfield purchased the property in 2005, instituting a 60-million-dollar remodel.

With its most recent addition of a Costco store,

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Admit it: gift shopping can be a downright chore as the holidays draw near. The harried hustle through generic department stores, the overworked store clerks, the mind-numbing florescent lights.

So why not turn this task into a journey to discover some of Sarasota’s neatest sweet spots of stuff, stories, and local flavor? Grab a shopping partner, head to Downtown Sarasota, and enjoy exploring these truly unique spots where you can not only cross each name off your list, but also enjoy meeting folks who have either made or sourced their wares. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know Sarasota a little better.

For a shopping experience that can also be a feast for your eyes, head over to the artist community of Towles Court. This quaint cluster of Old

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Some of the best places in downtown Sarasota are ones that many people don't even know exist. But they ought to know! Whether you're new in town or are a local who loves to discover, I'd like to share with you a few oddball, unique, and retro places that add a lot of charm to the Sarasota's downtown community.

For starters, you've got to have at least one breakfast at the Waffle Stop at 660 S. Washington Boulevard. If you've already driven by, you probably know that Elvis ate there, and Edith Barr Dunn is still there to tell the tale of how Elvis and his pals showed up in a pink Cadillac for two mornings in a row when he was playing at the Florida Theatre (now the Sarasota Opera House) and ordered three eggs with bacon, pan-fried potatoes, toast,

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