Siesta Isles: a Real Estate Gem Hidden Away in Plain Sight

Posted by Julian Yates on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 4:08pm.

Once again, Sarasota's Siesta Beach has been voted the best beach in the U.S. This time it was by TripAdvisor as part of their yearly Travelers' Choice Awards. With much of the U.S. getting slammed by winter storms, news about beaches and warm getaways are a hot topic and the story got a lot of news attention, even getting picked up by CNN and Huffington Post.

For those of us who live here, however, this is old hat. Every year Siesta Beach is always being picked as the best beach in the U.S. -- sometimes even the world. No, there was nothing surprising about the announcement for us. What is surprising, however, is the amount of property still available in Siesta Isles, a gorgeous subdivision of waterfront homes right next to Siesta Beach.

Siesta Isles is one of those real estate gems that is hidden away in plain sight. Perhaps people are so intent on getting to the beach or grabbing a bite in Siesta Key Village that they never explore the lush, tropical neighborhood of nearly 300 homes. For anyone looking for either a primary residence close to the beach or a vacation property that would be a fantastic investment, Siesta Isles is worth the detour.

One thing that sets the community apart are its curving streets and canals. While so much of waterfront Florida is laid out in the harsh geometry of blocks, Siesta Isles has a more organic feel, as if it were built around nature rather than through it. This feeling is accentuated by sprawling shady oaks, lush landscaping, and the small bridges that connect the series of tiny islets and peninsulas.

Development began in Siesta Isles in 1959 and continued on into the early ‘60s. Many of the homes in the community today are originals from that era and provide a wonderful real estate opportunity for those who love vintage “old Florida” homes with mature, yet well-manicured, tropical flora.

Unlike many communities that sit adjacent to a world-famous beach and are comprised of mainly seasonal rental properties, Siesta Isles has a very high number of year-round residents that hail from all over the world. It is a close-knit community with a diverse cultural flair. There are frequent neighborhood gatherings and an ever-present friendliness that serve to remind you that this is true island lifestyle, not conducive to shutting yourself away inside your home. Siesta Isles is, above everything else, a community.

At the time of this writing, there are 20 homes for sale in Siesta Isles at prices that are surprisingly low when compared to similar homes in other hot U.S. real estate markets. Given the fact that Siesta Beach is getting so much attention in worldwide media now, eventually, more will discover the hidden gem that is Siesta Isles. The time to buy is now.

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