Smart Homes: New Homes and the Internet of Things

Posted by Julian Yates on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 9:43am.

Home automation and the Internet of Things is changing the way we live and design our homes.

As we move into the future, it seems more and more apparent that technology is the lead aspect of our everyday lives, especially when it comes to communication. The Internet of Things, or the “interconnection via the Internet of computer devices embedded in everyday objects,” has become so engrained in our daily lives that it seems impossible to live without it, or even choose to communicate without it. Therefore, it should be no surprise that even our homes can be interconnected, as the Internet of Things expands its reach to accomplish even the most mundane activities, such as turning on a light or adjusting the thermostat. Today we will highlight the more popular home automation products and trends on the horizon.

Let’s start with the main interface that products can be controlled through. While individual products can be controlled via an application on a cell phone, it will become essential to make things as convenient as possible in the administering of these household items as more become automated. This is where a hub or a controller comes in. Think of it as a universal remote for your automated products. Just as a universal remote can control the TV, DVR, and stereo, a hub or controller can communicate with the lights, thermostat, entertainment center, and more, so that it becomes a one-stop-shop.

With the need for surveillance cameras and home security systems at an all-time high, automating these products was an obvious choice. From simple do-it-yourself Bluetooth locks to full surveillance camera systems, the options are endless. Working late at the office? By having a surveillance system installed, you can keep an eye on the kids and answer the front door all while finishing work in your office. The key consideration is whether or not to buy into a subscription based program. While this requires a higher investment, it can alleviate many concerns for homeowners who deem safety a priority. 

As mentioned above, some of the more popular items deal directly with our comfort: entertainment, lighting, cleaning, and temperature. From controlling the thermostat so that you return from a vacation to the perfectly attuned climate, to setting the mood with lighting and music for an impromptu celebration dinner, feeling comfortable in our home without having to work at it is the best stay-cation there is. Add in the joys of an automated vacuum system and window treatments, and you may never want to leave the house again.

While these automated products are already found in many homes, there are a few that have just arrived on the market. Future trends show an increase in outdoor products and cooking accessories, from automated lawn mowers and sprinkler systems to electric smokers and baking scales. Imagine how your time can be spent when not having to mow and mulch your yard or needlessly searching through cookbooks to find exact measurements of your favorite dish.

Smart homes will become the norm in the years to come, and setting yourself up for success is just one way to make the transition easier. Make sure you begin by equipping your home with automation-supported switches, appliances, and electrical sockets. I recently had Wicked Smart Homes install a home audio system, and the upgrade has definitely been worth it. Once you have the bases covered, upgrading to the newest technology will be a breeze and allow you to soar into the 21st century and beyond.

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