Stop Losing Sleep! 5 Tips for Beating Seller's Fatigue

Posted by Julian Yates on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 1:47pm.

Selling a home can be an extremely emotional process, especially when it's sitting on the market for longer than you'd hoped. For some, the results aren't always a quick sell for exactly the price you imagined. Instead, it's a collection of sleepless nights and a handful of fingernails chewed to the nub. If you're experiencing seller's fatigue, there are a few things you can do to lower your stress level and smooth the home-selling process.

  1. Shoot for showroom polish. While plenty of homebuyers seek out fixer-uppers, most are eager to move in upon closing. This doesn't mean that you need to do a complete remodel or even a refurbishing. However, you do need to make sure that it looks ready to welcome in a new owner. That may mean a few fresh coats of paint or some additional landscaping. Just a little bit of polish can go a long way. (Check out my Pre-Listing Essentials for getting ready to show with minimal elbow grease.)
  2. You're not selling to yourself. If you're living in the home you're trying to sell, chances are good that you've added décor that is uniquely you. As much as you love your personal touch, some buyers might find it a bit off-putting. Don't assume that potential buyers like the same things that you like. While you do want your house to be presentable, make sure that what you're presenting is a home where people can create their own lives -- not one in which they step into yours. Removing some of those unique touches (that you may take with you anyway) will offer more of a blank slate to homebuyers as they imagine their future in the home, and it will also help you overcome your emotional attachment to it. To allow visitors their own vision, neutrality can be much more effective than flair.
  3. Listen to feedback. As prospective homebuyers visit your home, they will almost certainly have some critiques. Each one will give you the choice of taking it with a grain of salt or into full consideration, but by all means, don't take it personally. If you're getting consistent feedback on certain things -- the color of the walls or the state of the flooring, for example -- and they are things you can do something about, then think about making the appropriate changes. Of course, being critical is part of some buyers' strategy, and others just like to nag, so don't get bent out of shape if they complain about things that you can't change.
  4. Reconsider your asking price. If your house has been on the market for a while and you're not getting any bites, it might be listed too high. Go back to the drawing board and do some more research. What are other houses in the neighborhood selling for? You may think that your house is worth even more than you're asking for, considering all of the great times you've had in it -- but I repeat, you're not selling it to yourself, and you've got to be realistic about what others will be willing to pay. (Need some help in the pricing department? Check out my Tips for Correcly Pricing a Home.)
  5. Make it accessible. You're busy. You may not have the time to show your home as often as people want to see it. On top of scheduling appointments and meeting with prospects, you've got to keep the house clean, dishes put away, dirty clothes in the hamper, and toys in the toy box. Making your house available only when you're available can severely restrict those who may otherwise see it and fall in love with it. This is where a good Realtor comes in. A Realtor not only takes scheduling and showing off your already full plate, but he or she also brings in a professional pair of eyes to help out with Tip #1. 

Selling a home isn't always an easy task. Make sure you remove as many impediments as possible and give your home every opportunity to find its new owners. You'll sleep a lot better for it.

In a Realtor, you have a partner in every step of the home sale process. Contact Julian today to discuss how Sarasota Property Finders can help you sell your home.


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