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Desoto Lakes offers residents the opportunity to feel like they are living in the country while being less than twenty minutes from Downtown Sarasota. Although many of the streets are quite suburban, with quarter and half acre lots, the neighborhood also features a number of larger lots as well.

As one of the older neighborhoods in the Sarasota area, many of the bigger lots have been left largely in their natural states, providing a lovely natural habitat of tall pine trees, stately oaks, and plenty of palmettos and other lush foliage for the "Old Florida" feel. Many of the residents appreciate the diverse population of both domestic and native animals. It is quite common to spot eagles, hawks, and osprey flying overhead and armadillos, opossums,

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Making the decision to be a snowbird is really a “no-brainer.” However, making the selection of your snowbird home can be a bit daunting. If you are at the point of saying that your time has come to make this move, you will want to know a few things so that your choices, prices, and options are the best for picking your winter home. This idea is especially true in the Sarasota area, where snowbird homes and vacation properties are some of the most popular. 

Know the Buying Season

Almost all real estate agents in the sun states are aware that there is an influx of snowbird buyers from April through October. Although this is the time when more properties are placed on the market, it’s also the time when prices could be a bit higher. There is a

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Previously an area that many people overlooked, Arlington Park is now gaining in popularity. Most of the area was still orange groves and farmland when homes were first built in the area in the 1920's. Though it saw some continued development through the next few decades as Florida worked through the Great Depression, Arlington Park saw its next great explosion in the 1950's and 1960's, which account for many of the homes that comprise the neighborhood.  

Much of what people find so charming about Arlington Park are the bungalows and cottages built during this era, now refurbished and renovated. However, increasing its charm are the ranch-style homes that have been built in the meantime and the modern homes that have been more recently added.

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Although the beaches hold incredible appeal for people who want to live on the Gulf Coast, there is also a great allure in the charm of Old Florida. Even the words “old Florida” conjure images of large oak trees with Spanish moss tinsel and sipping lemonade on the porch. If you're interested in simpler days, before the world got so consumed with hustling and bustling, perhaps you'll want to consider life in one of these Old Florida homes.

Starting with the oak trees, the mature landscaping at 1336 46th Street in Sarasota surrounds the main house and guest apartment/studio. In the midst of this canopied, fenced-in oasis, the main house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, central air, and wood laminate flooring, while the guest apartment is a 15' x 23' open

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One might call this month's featured property a "back to school special." Located at 4518 Falcon Ridge Drive, it is, after all, just a few steps away from what's become the “education corridor” of Beneva Road. And with how well this 1960 home has been maintained, we could all learn a little something here!

This 1,430 square foot gem definitely stands the test of time, and modern updates have added greatly to its value. In 2000, the entire house was re-plumbed overhead, the roof replaced in 2009, and the electrical system upgraded in 2011. More recently, the bathrooms have been modernized, and the kitchen updated with wood cabinets, new counters, and modern appliances. Even with all the modern upgrades, including new tile throughout, the house still

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When it comes to soaking up a Sarasota lifestyle, the Southgate community is a great option for getting right in the middle of things. Located in central Sarasota just east of U.S.-41, Southgate covers just over two square miles, bordered by Bee Ridge Road to the south, Beneva Road to the east, and Arlington Park to the north. Initially developed in the 1960s, Southgate has expanded greatly from there, featuring easy access to downtown and a plethora of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

The homes in Southgate are largely one-story, as was the trend in the sixties. Many of the homeowners are enhancing the neighborhood's “retro” vibe, making the most of the architecture to create a suburban-chic feel while maintaining its family-friendly

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The word “bungalow” has come to mean different things to different people. The architecture originated in the Bengali region in South Asia and referred to one-story residences with broad verandas. Bungalows have since come in many shapes and sizes, and some even have second stories built into the sloping roof.

One of the benefits of bungalows is that they are generally only one story, cutting out the complication of stairs for those who would rather not climb them. Sticking to the original model's broad veranda or front porch also makes for a very welcoming approach and great place to relax with your libation of choice. Which type of bungalow is for you depends on where you want to be and how much you want to pay -- but make no mistake, Sarasota

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Every now and then -- actually, fairly often in Sarasota -- I run across a home that just makes my jaw drop. It's not always the biggest and most elaborate houses that have this effect. Sometimes it's much more about the home's design and what it brings to the neighborhood.

Granted, with 3,323 square feet of living space west of the Trail, 1833 North Lake Shore Drive is larger than your average home, but even more spectacular is the way the home is laid out, and how beautifully the .36 acre lot embraces it. This quintessential mid-century modern has maintained its original 1952 design and later addition by Jack West, who also designed the Sarasota City Hall. It's located in Oyster Bay Estates, considered by many to be in the Golden Triangle of

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